It’s safe to say the fourth conceptual HIVEMIND gathering on //17.02.2023// was another remarkable breakthrough for our collective.

The special guests this time were the Belgrade-based resident of Drugstore Milo Raad and the Polish techno giant Vertical Spectrum, joined by the local favorites Martin Deno and Dimitar Grozev.

The anticipation was palpable as the night began to unfold. The audience was not disappointed with the atmospheric and gradually-raising opening set by the talented Dimitar Grozev, who was making his second HIVEMIND performance. Dimitar’s opening set was the perfect introduction to the evening, setting the tone for what was to come and building anticipation for the rest of the night’s performances.

Milo Raad’s performance was a true tour-de-force, igniting a frenzy of movement and emotion on the dance floor that was there throughout the whole night. The impeccable sense of timing and expertly curated selection of tracks by the Serbian techno virtuoso left the audience stunned.

Following an impressive set from the Drugstore resident, the highly anticipated DJ and producer Vertical Spectrum took the stage and immediately commanded the room with their signature hypnotic sound. Hailing from Poland and being another highly-respected name in the genre, Vertical Spectrum kept the energy in the room high as he expertly wove together a seamless mix of high-energy frequencies, driving the crowd into a frenzy.

The night was already in its final hours when the esteemed Martin Deno took the stage and delivered another spectacular performance. Well-known for his certified style and mixing skills, each track of the Hive founder was carefully selected to build upon the energy of the previous one, creating a seamless flow that kept the crowd moving and grooving until the very end.

The visuals for the night were in the hands of the talented Bulgarian artist Kiril Petrov, whose unique style and attention to detail helped to create a truly immersive experience for our audience. Kiril’s visual design perfectly complemented the music, creating a cohesive and dynamic atmosphere that was truly unforgettable.

The footage was taken by the talented Dimitar Kozhuharov, also known as Markov, Acidkid, and Shterion Stoev, and each of them brought their unique perspective and skill to the project. Their expert use of light, color, and movement helped to capture the atmosphere, providing a lasting record of this unimaginable event.

Words: Iliyan Tomov
Photo Credits: Dimitar Kozhuharov

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