On 22.01.2022, Hivemind presented its long-waited label showcase HIVENIGHT: A at club Fabrica 126 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  

For our debut event, we met the audience with the Barcelona-based techno producer STNDRD – a true master of the hypnotic sound and part of the BAHN Records crew, who blew the senses and the legs of the crowd with an extended three-hour session in his unadulterated fashion.  

The first hours of the evening were in the hands of the Hivemind founder Martin Deno, who set the vibe with a musical journey compiling his productions with ones from his favourite artists for a one-of-a-kind DJ set.  

The baton was taken by the Bulgarian duo PvrvllelSelf afterward with a one-hour live performance, proving themselves as specialists in the dark atmospheric sounds.   

The closing was in the hands of the hive co-founder Iliyan Tomov, who had the duty to finish the night strong after our special guest. 

We also collaborated with the well-known street brand Melanin, crafting our first limited clothing collection that was also present during the event.  

The night recreated the vision of Hivemind by curating music, lighting, and visual effects in one to take the audience on to journey through the depths of the hive sound that left a remarkable trace in the mind of every single visitor.  

Photo credits: Dimitar Kozhuharov