Mindcast 004 by Martin Mladenov

What Martin Mladenov plays is a reflection of himself. An artist, who is always chasing new and different sounds, his evolution both stylistically and technologically could be easily recognised in the music that he is playing through the years. Dark tunes, tight bass lines and minimum amount of breakdowns are taking the listener to a different journey every time when Martin is behind the decks.

  1. System One (Original Mix) – Owem
  2. Heiko Laux – Fernweh (Decapitated by Flores, Laux) – Kanzleramt
  3. Souvenir (Pär Grindvik Remix) (Original Mix) – WLDERZ
  4. Kalden Bess Moog Conspiracy – Oblivion Original Mix
  5. Revolutions Per Minute – Spiros Kaloumenos
  6. Shadow Labyrinth (Orignal Mix) – Exilles
  7. Let It Go (Original Mix) – Usawa
  8. Late at Night (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) – Nur Jaber
  9. Norm (Original Mix) – Asmar
  10. Broken Dreams (Original Mix) – Punctum & Alfredo Mazzilli
  11. The Observatory (U.G.O Remix) – E la Luna, EpZ
  12. Helikoopter (David Temessi Remix) – Vegim
  13. 3 Trips (Original Mix) – F-Rontal
  14. A004 (Original Mix) – No Shelter
  15. Heat Seeker (Jay Clarke Remix V1) – Secluded
  16. Heart (Original Mix) – Nicola Carlomagno
  17. Racine Part 3 (Original Mix) – DJ Saint Pierre
  18. New Resolution (Original Mix) – Theo Komp
  19. Infinite Stars (Original mix) – P.E.A.R.L.
  20. Shadow Movements (Original mix) – Michel Lauriola

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