Release date 2023-13-10

Underneath the spotlights of our 19th release, we have one of the creators of our imprint – Iliyan Tomov, presenting five authentic productions and four massive reworks under “The Natural Path”!

This long-player is a masterful fusion of atmospheric textures and meticulously sequenced frequencies, seamlessly interwoven with rhythmic percussions that drive the groove. Underpinning this sound tapestry is a formidable sub-low end, composed to absorb the audience in a visceral experience.

Adding to the allure of HVMD019 are four extraordinary remixes by a carefully selected roster of artists, each contributing their precise touch to “The Natural Path”. Hailing from different corners of the globe, Anan Tasca, Matias Freccia, STNDRD, and the Hivemind founder Martin Deno infuse the release with their unique artistic perspectives. This collaboration transports the listener across the different soundscapes, exploring the vast spectrum of techno sub-genres.

“The Natural Path” invites the listener to dive into the essence of organic creativity, presenting Iliyan’s constant voyage in pushing his artistic identity further.


Written and produced by Iliyan Tomov
Remixers: Anan Tasca, Martin Deno, Matias Freccia, STNDRD
Mastering: Diogo Lopes – STNDRD

Artwork: Stilyan Ivanov